Playstation 4: Remote Play Irritation



I’ve now spent about twenty-four hours with the Playstation 4.  Despite the lack of interesting launch games I am pretty happy so far.  I’ll talk about it in detail over the next few days.

I hate to go negative this early in the process, but I want to highlight something that is not obvious to most people purchasing the system.  One of the major selling points of the PS4 is the ability to Remote Play games using a PS Vita.  The feature while not perfect, is really nice.  The Wii U already has this capability and I would love to see it go mainstream among all the consoles.  If you want to truly be a living room device then the ability for one person to play a television program and another to play a PS4 game on a second screen gives you a lot of flexibility.

The problem I ran into this evening is that another household member wanted to use the Remote Play option.  Now the PS Vita is locked to a specific user, in this case me.  Every time I try and connect to the PS4 with the Vita it registers as a control device logged in as me.  If I wanted to log into the PS4 as another household member I would have to factory reset my PS Vita and register it to a new user.  Not something I want to do.

What really gets my goat about this is that it isn’t some sort of hardware limitation.  When you turn on a new PS4 controller it asks you what user you want to log in as.  The PS Vita should perform exactly the same way.  Right now because of this limitation if other household members wanted to use this feature regularly we would each need to own a Vita.  An expensive proposition for an average family.

Sony needs to fix this issue and I am confident they can, although I am not aware if it is on their todo list.  Sony seems to be doing a lot of things right with the new console, let’s hope they keep doing so.