Post humanity and Sword Art Online



This is post a humanity rambling, which I completely understand sounds like crazy person talk  out of context.  Someday though we will have to deal with these things and it is better to have these conversations now rather than in the moment, even if that moment isn’t for another hundred years.  

In watching Sword Art Online they present a gate at the current point at the series.  The gate is a pretty typical lotus flower symbol.  I am not exactly sure what the authors meant by this, it isn’t specifically mentioned, but it solidified a thought I had been playing with for a while…

The intentional living aspect of Buddhism becomes critical in post human societies.  If we live and work in virtual spaces then those spaces cease to be virtual.  Our intentions and ideas are directly the environment that is created around us.  If our impulses are negative that is where we will live, if they are positive then the surrounding environment is positive and it becomes difficult to change direction once we start down a path.  

We often use thought like this in pop psychology, but in these spaces it becomes physical and tangible.  If we are respected and allowed to create spaces for others than we have a direct responsibility to define those spaces as loving and humanistic.  Otherwise we populate the future with private hells.