RIP Peter O’Toole, the World and David the Android are Sad


Earlier this month I wrote about rough and tumble actors that the world currently seems to lack.  Peter O’Toole was among them and if you were already a fan or recently learned about him through Prometheus you will most likely enjoy the included clips with him and friend Richard Harris and an early interview side by side with Orson Welles.

I did not know that two weeks later I would be writing about his death.  With Peter’s departure that trinity of whiskey, rum and bare knuckle acting is no more. The world will less exciting without them.

To me the most poignant moment of the movie Prometheus is watching David (the android son of Peter Weyland) spend his personal moments watching Lawrence of Arabia starring our friend Peter.  As an android David most likely would have had perfect recall and there was no reason for him to watch it other to derive enjoyment. David tries to imitate his looks and pattern of speech in a way that is very human.  The presence of Lawrence was brought to impressive life by Peter who was impossibly and effortlessly cool on screen.  Enough so to make a fictional android worship the ground he walked on.

Have a good journey, Mr. O’Toole.