Robocop (2014) Trailer Thoughts

I am not anti-remake guy so I am not going to gripe about this much.  My general philosophy is that we are not going to escape remakes so we might as well make as many as possible.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind if they remade Robocop every two years until people stop paying money to see it.

Things that I like:

  • The cast is great
  • I don’t generally mind the art direction
  • Several great nods to the original
  • Cartoon like larger than life characters

Things I wish were different

  • Would like to see more of a focus on a dystopian Detroit
  • Black seems to obscure the details of the suit
  • Lead actor is a little too perfect, I miss Peter Weller
  • I wish that the sans helmet Robocop was more inhuman. Peter removing his helmet was a genuinely shocking moment in the original and we had to work to see him as sympathetic which created a greater connection to the character.