Robotech and Early Memories


When I go back and watch things that I loved in my early teens I don’t always see the charm in them that I did. I notice flaws and tired tropes that were new to me at the time.

The experience is no longer the same, a bit of the magic is gone, but I remember how they made me feel the first time. The fantasies of my childhood were filled with good vs. evil and the good people winning the fight despite the hardship that they had to endure.

This all seems trite to a cynical adult, but I really believe in these things and those memories remind me of my original hopes and dreams for the future. It isn’t a bad future and despite all my grown-upishness I still want that future.

If you grew up in the eighties and caught Robotech after school or woke up early before you catch the bus I hope all those fond memories float back for you too. Here is the original Harmony Gold intro as a reminder.