Scary Sesame Street: Cracks



In the seventies and early eighties Sesame Street didn’t talk down to children, it talked to them.  When you are authentic and honest with children sometimes you will frighten them.  Somehow in the last few decades we have begun shielding children from fear like this.  Now this blog is not the place for moralizing, it is more about joy, more about enjoying things that are and remembering the things that made us.  I am nostalgic though for the old Sesame, the one that talked directly to me and that was like a childhood friend.

There were about four Sesame Street shorts that really haunted my dreams and the following ‘Cracks’ is one of them.  Information about it is hard to track down.  As far as I understand it was only shown on the air about a dozen times before the word came through that it was too scary, too dark for regular consumption.

I had searched for the short over and over again and almost began to think I had imagined it.  Today I found it and it is as glorious as I had remembered.