SEGA Acquires Atlus


If the video game likes to do anything to me consistently it likes to break my heart.  We received confirmation today that SEGA is acquiring the assets of Atlus.  In late June we received word that Index Corporation was being investigated for fraud and filed for bankruptcy.  This wigged out a lot of Atlus fans who fretted and worried until the Japanese HQ made an announcement that the brand would continue.  Unfortunately we are now in purgatory again over one of of favorite companies.

Atlus is lauded for being a video game developer and producer who brings lesser known Japanese titles into the North American market.  Titles that would never be come across our shores if they had to pass through the monocled eyes of the giant software houses.  They have had some hits like Disgaea, the Persona series, Trauma Center and my top three PS3 title Demon Souls.  Most recently they released Dragon’s Crown which we discussed here.

SEGA on the other hand is known for not making hardware, crass cash grab remakes with beloved properties and taking any nostalgia we had for a cherished childhood character and driving it face first into the dirt.

What will SEGA do to a video game company that is troubled but actively providing a needed service to the industry?  I have no idea, I am worried and hope they will prove my concerns unfounded.