Seriously Dedicated Doctor Who Cosplay


Hang on folks, this will be a little confusing and I am going to let my geek flag fly a little higher than normal.   A popular science fiction/fantasy blog was discussing the disparaging idea that our earlier notions of the possibility of silicon based lifeforms was basically bunk.  Our dreams of the Star Trek Horta species being real was dashed.  (Click here if you are interested) In the article and in the comments  they briefly mentioned the Kastrians from Doctor Who.  This is interesting because as far as I know the Katrians were only in a single Doctor Who story arc in 1976 a long, long time ago called The Hand of Fear.  In the states we would have probably would have seen this episode about three or four years later on our local PBS station.

I was little but remember the episodes vividly.  That era of Doctor Who was complex and dark and left a huge impression on my developing mind.

So, remembering the episode fondly I popped up the Googles and did a wee bit of research.  Looking through photos of the episode I came across a comment thread in the Replica Prop Forums by user Penwiper.  Because this is one of my favorite story arcs I read through with interest as she tried to create a version of the insanely complicated costume you see above.  To be honest the thread started a little slow and I half expected that she wasn’t going to be able to pull it off or that she would pull it off enthusiastically but poorly.  My mistake was assuming the massive prep work meant that she was over her head.  As I approached the end of the thread I realized I was wrong and what she did was spectacular.  So here is a little salute from the geeks, nerds and superfans.  Penwiper, you do us proud!

The full thread





PS: This particular arc was the last regular Doctor Who appearance of Sarah Jane Smith played by the late  Elisabeth Sladen.  My favorite Who cast member.  It was quite a shock to see her leave the series and quite a shock when she passed away unexpectedly in 2011.