Song of the Sea: An Irish Story


A good children’s story will be hopeful, will have a bit of romance, a bit of loss and a healthy dose of scary.  If there is no conflict, no point where I am wondering if they will really make it, then the journey is not worth the effort.

We visited the Providence Children’s Film Festival yesterday specifically to see Song of the Sea.  If you have previously seen Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells you know the kind of quality you should expect and the emotional roller coaster to be prepared for.

Song of the Sea is based on the Irish tradition of the selkie mirroring the spirit of the original tales without diving into the soul crushing tragedies of the originals.  Cartoon Saloon allows themselves to be influenced by studios like Studio Ghibli, without losing their own unique identity.  Even without the excellent story Song of the Sea is a pleasure to look at and to listen to.

If you can’t catch it at a festival then you will find it available on Amazon in Blu-ray or DVD, I encourage it.