Sony Playstation Streaming Plans


I’m sitting here staring at my Playstation 4.  I’m not playing the Playstation 4 because of the lack of games.  I’m not really upset about this, I knew this would be the case for the first few months but I am a little more impatient about it than I expected to be.

Fortunately for and myself and other PS4 owners Sony finally announced that they would be leveraging their Gaikai acquisition from 2012 to start streaming games to their consoles, handhelds and other devices. Official Announcement.

The success of this initiative will depend a lot on the implementation of which there is very little detail right now.

If Sony REALLY wanted me to fall in love with them again they would allow me to stream my entire library of PS3 games to my PS4 and my Vita.  They would get extra points for making the entire library of PS1 and PS2 titles available for streaming as part of their Playstation Plis subscription service.  I would also be willing to pay a bit extra for titles that were improved, remastered or would able to take advantage of some of the new features.

Included in this announcement are hints of being able to stream to Sony manufactured televisions, smartphones and tablets.  This is of generally less concern to me, but will probably be important to others.

I am starting to feel like 2014/2015 will be a battle of Sony vs. Valve (More on Valve and the Steam Machines later) with Microsoft trying to play catch up the entire time.  I believe Nintendo will start to figure things out soon as a niche market (I love the Wii U, you should too) and will possibly create greater partnerships with Sony which will potentially end in an acquisition.  Disney or Apple could potentially have a shot at Nintendo as well, but my head hurts a little thinking about the implications.