Spiderman on The Electric Company


I was going to write about the utilitarian aspects of buying glasses online, but this came up, which is significantly more awesome.  Spiderman always takes precedence.

I follow a bunch of geeky creators on Twitter, because people who make stuff generally have wonderful things to say.  Joe Caramagna, writer for Marvel Universe stories and generally nifty guy was talking about how his little one was digging CTW’s (now Sesame Workshop) The Electric Company Spiderman shorts.

I had the vague recollection that the Spidey Super Stories weren’t  included in the Electric Company’s DVD box set for licensing reasons (I’m not actually sure about this) so I asked him if they were collected somewhere.  Joe responded “YouTube! A bunch of them are up there.” after which I smacked myself in the forehead and said “Of course! Youtube, where youngin’s go to watch their video stories!” and lo, Youtube has a million of these things.  Paradise for a nostalgia craving superhero addict like myself.

Now, I haven’t seen these in at least thirty years and my brain is very forgiving when it comes to things I loved in my youth, so note that when you watch.  Of particular interest to me is the sly integration of reading prompts, an incredibly catchy theme song which rivals the sixties Spiderman cartoon, disco funk inspired music, the dulcimer tones of Morgan Freeman narrating this adventure, and the rapid escalation of The Spoiler’s criminal activity from petty vandalism to murder.  From what I understand this is the first one that aired, and to be honest rewatching this I think I prefer it to the current slate of Spiderman movies, that may just be me being crotchety though, so ignore that comment and enjoy the video on its merits.