Star Wars Trailer Makes Grown Celebrities Weep


When discussing yesterday’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer I mentioned to a few folks that there were a lot of adults who shed a tear or at the very least got goosebumps when they watched it for the first time.

When people ask me to define the word ‘geek’, I tell them that geeks are people who are unapologetic about the things that they love.  What they love isn’t important, it can be anything.  What is important about the things they love is that they are inspired by them and it causes them to experience joy. Just like all humans, if it makes us feel something good we then pursue it.  Star Wars is an almost universal example of this for a couple of generations.  The trailer yesterday turned us all into six year olds watching Luke Skywalker battle evil for the first time.  It reduced us to the raw emotions we felt on that day and everything else melted away.

Below we have your average American male, Matthew McConaughey, viewing yesterday’s trailer for the first time.  I think it is fair to saythat a lot of us recognize every single emotion that washes over his face.  Celebrity or not, some things make us all six years old inside.