Star Wars VII Trailer: Official


As many of the die hard fans already know we got our first real look at Star Wars VII yesterday. I still have high expectations and I expect Abrams will be respectful of the source material. Overall I think we are in for a treat.

Without getting too negative about the trailer I have to say that I was let down a bit.  This is a situation where less would have been more.  I am not sure if Abrams was directly involved in cutting the trailer but it seemed to be edited poorly.

SPOILERS: Watch the trailer before reading.

The shots of X-Wings, the Falcon, John Boyega and new Stormtrooper designs are fantastic, but the narration was goofy, forced comic relief moments were one of the major issues with the last trilogy and I am having a really hard time taking the light saber seriously.

Now Star Wars has it’s roots in pulp movie theater serials and I always need to remember that, so I do need to be forgiving, but I get the feeling that tease could have been edited tighter and it would have been terrific.  We still have a year to wait for the movie and an unknown amount of time before a full trailer so no need to freak out at this point.