star wars

Bass is the path to the dark side

Star Wars: Rogue One cast photo revealed

Matthew McConaughey channeling the little Star Wars fan in all of us

I won’t go into much detail because you just need to watch it. The first trailer was not impressive, this one turned me into a bumbling nostalgic idiot. Enjoy.

Agent Carter, Sword Art Online, Young Han Solo?, Female Characters in Games and Attack On Titan at Universal Japan

Official Star Wars VII trailer. Maybe less is more?

J.J. Abrams gets some fair and unfair criticism.  When you put yourself in the position of being the gatekeeper for a lot of the most beloved intellectual property in the world this is bound to happen.  One thing he is ...

J.J. Abrams gave us a nice little treat today in the form of a promo video for Star Wars: Force for Change, a new initiative in support of the UNICEF Innovation Labs.  This is a worthy cause, so check it ...

  This is just what some days are like.