Target & Toys R Us: Do They Even Know the PS4 is Launching?



Apparently not.

Just had a disappointing, unproductive trip to check for PS4 games in stock at the couple of big box stores.  As I mentioned on our Facebook page both Target and Toys R Us are having massive sales tomorrow launching holiday season for video game sales ahead of the releases of the two major new consoles.  The Playstation 4 launches next week while the Xbox One launches the following.  Target is doing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal and Toys R Us is giving you $50 back on any combo purchase of three games or accessories.

This is what happened: 

“We don’t have a lot, but I know there is a bunch in back, I don’t know if we are putting them out tomorrow.”

Toys ”R” Us
“Do you mean the PS3?”
“Oh, new releases always happen on Tuesday, check then”

TRU was not aware of the street date changes in all the games, they still had them listed as 11/15. They said they didn’t have any in the back which I am not sure I believe.

Staff members did not seem to be aware of the sale tomorrow at both stores. TRU had an empty Xbox One display set up, but no PS4 display. Target did not look like they were even remotely ready at all.

So if matches either sale then they will get my money . Both local Target and TRU will lose out because they are not even aware what their other stores are doing.

If they keep behaving like this then I think big box stores are going to be in a lot of trouble in the next ten years.  Granted these people were just staff and if management doesn’t train their staff properly then they are not to blame.  Both stores will lose out on a launch of major video game console purchases at the very start of the holiday season.  Even if it doesn’t significantly impact the bottom line at both individual stores they will create ill will among early adopters (like me) and drive them to Amazon.  If they want to survive then they need to figure this out.