The Mighty Orbots


I will forgive you if you don’t remember this one. 

The Mighty Orbots cartoon ran from September to December in 1984. Most likely I saw every single episode, but am hard pressed to remember any sort of plot. I consumed everything related to giant robots and I couldn’t let this one pass by.

I remember thinking at the time that it felt like a sanitized version of the mecha anime I was used to, even compared to Transformers.  The animation is more sophisticated than I remember and it is clear that a Japanese studio was involved.  (TMS Entertainment

I expect that traditional US toy companies and network executives didn’t really understand why Japanese media was resonating with children and their attempt to capitalize on it was a tepid version of what was already available.  In the end it was sued out of existence by Tonka who was licensing the GoBots line from Japan and clearly copying elements from other toy lines including Godmars.  It lasted only thirteen episodes and the toys are nonexistent except for the rumor of prototypes and preview catalog pictures like the above.