Thor 3 Rumor Roundup

throgThrog is pictured above, but will most likely not appear in Thor 3.  Maybe we should start a petition.  If not Throg maybe we can get Beta Ray Bill.

The following is what we know so far.  As always details are subject to change as a the film is in early stages of production.

Thor 3 confirmed. source

Craig Kyle and Christopher Yos have been hired to work on the script.  Craig also did production work on the original and its sequel. source

Thor 3: Ragnarok is a rumored title, but this is likely too early to take seriously.  It makes sense that they would go for the Norse Armageddon scenario to close out the trilogy, but that is just conjecture.  source

From the same source we have news of a Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tie in.  Since AoS have been favoring Asgard references I think this is extremely likely.

Speculation is that the movie will premiere in May of 2016 to compete with Batman Vs. Superman.  source

Will update as more details emerge