The Transformers Wreck-Gar We Deserved



Earlier we discussed DX9’s completely sweet homage to GoBot Cy-Kill HERE.  Apparently Dx9 is in the habit of taking things that are lame and making them awesome.

In 1986 we got to see Transformers: The Movie and it was deeply confusing to children, including myself.  Major characters died, there was a curse word, there was Orson Welles in his final role before he died.  Then out of the wreckage of the planet Junkion we received one of the greatest gifts a movie like this could provide, a transforming junk robot motorcycle with a mustache.  As a bonus this motorcycle, Wreck-Gar was voiced by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame and was accompanied by a Weird Al song, a holy trinity of eighties rad.

While easily besting the later Transformers movies by Michael Bay in plot and art direction this movie was essentially an advertisement to sell a new set of toys.  I quickly ran to Child World to find a version of Wreck-Gar and was crushed to find there wasn’t one.

They did eventually release a toy, but imagine my disappointment when in my head I had the uber cool image above and what we received was he below image.


Blocky, no mustache, poorly articulated.  This wasn’t Wreck-Gar, this was the Transformers equivalent of an accountant. NOTE: I mean no disrespect to accountants, you provide a valuable service, I salute you.

Now, this was mostly remedied by a 2011 release of a new toy in North America.  That figure had some nice lines, even if the face was sculpted so it looked like he should be wearing a truckers cap.

As we mentioned in the earlier Cy-Kill article, DX9 makes some pretty sweet stuff for the grown up toy collector.  They finally did Wreck-Gar justice, even if this figure is not called Wreck-Gar, but Splinter. So, it isn’t ‘officially’ the Transformer I pined for as a child, but good enough.  Dude looks like he is ready to mess up some Decepticons and then down an oil can before his next fight.

This figure will set you back close to $100.  I have seen it at Amazon and specialty toy shops online.  Probably not the best purchase for your smaller transformer fans.

splinter (Custom)


Thats all to be said about this.  Feel free to be chatty in the comments and I’ll leave you with one of the greatest songs ever performed. Enjoy.