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As you may have seen with some of my other posts I have been waiting for this show to warm up.  I am starting to get a little worried.  Despite no one I know liking the characters of Skye and Grant most of the time seems to be spent on them.  They are way too perfect, pretty and generic to be compelling or allow the audience to empathize with them.  In fact I liked bezerker Grant from this episode significantly better than the regular G.I. Bob persona he normally has.

It didn’t help that I thought Thor was going to be in this episode because it was a tie in, maybe that was my fault and I wasn’t paying attention, but it sure seemed like that was going to happen.  At the very least this was supposed to be a tie in, but the connection was so slight that it was almost a lie.  Shows shouldn’t lie to me.

Revealing Coulson to be the Vision would save a lot of things, it would also help if they sent Grant and Skye on a nice Tahitian vacation, but I am not holding my breath.


  1. Geoff Smith 7 years ago

    They need to put some heroes in fast.

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  2. Geoff Smith 7 years ago

    I read a theory somewhere that Coulson might be a LMD.

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    1. Serious Play 7 years ago

      They hinted that in the Avengers. I still suspect (hope) that he may be The Vision, which they can weave into the whole LMD subplot. Ultron is essentially a Iron Man suit gone rogue and The Vision is Coulson gone rogue, the difference is that Coulson’s sentient AI is a good person.

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  3. Geoff Smith 7 years ago

    That would be brilliant! Let’s hope your theory comes to pass. I want this show to redeem itself!

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