Watching: Almost Human



Been dying to see this and finally catching it on Hulu. In J.J. Abrams style his influences are laid on thick and as a fan of exploitation and gonzo fiction I appreciate it.  Blade Runner stylistic choices are intentionally obvious.  I’ve always felt like this was the TV version of Caves of Steel that Fox was not authorized to make and nothing has proven me wrong yet.

One of my favorite sci-fi tropes is the idea that east Asian and American cultures have combined into monolithic weirdness.  The writers are letting us know this at every available opportunity.  If this continues than Almost Human and I are going to have a good time together.


  1. Krysten Lynch Callina 7 years ago


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  2. James P. Burke 7 years ago

    Yep. A buddy cop show with two likable, but different, main characters surrounded by a scifi world gone mad? That is shot like a big-budget movie? Sign me up.

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