Watching: Carrie (1976)



Carrie is kind of a difficult movie for me.  Some of the finest acting of any horror film and aside from the supernatural elements a fairly realistic depiction of what high school is like for the ‘different kids’.

One of the Serious Play minions today compared it to Full Metal Jacket which I think was an original and pretty significant insight.  Full Metal Jacket is one of those films that I love but will probably only see once in my life.  The emotions involved are too raw and too real compared to similar fare.  Kubrick was excellent at showing the human mind break and De Palma does a similar job with a domestic situation that is more intimate and personal.

Carrie is a movie with the body of an after school special and the heart of an angry badger.  Substitute the ending for a happy one and you basically end up with a slightly darker ‘Pretty in Pink’.  I can criticize the schizophrenic television movie soundtrack but not much else.  The pivot point of the movie is where Carrie has the possibility of becoming a whole person but the casual cruelty of human beings has deep consequences for everyone around her.