Watching: Cowboy Bebop

Bull: The red eyed coyote will appear in the zona norte at the far end of town. That is what I see.

Spike: A red eyed coyote in the north of town.

Bull: You “Swimming Bird

Spike: Huh?

Bull: The swimming bird will meet a women. The bird will be hunted by this women and then…death.

Spike: One more time.

Bull: Whats that?

Spike: I was once killed before, … by a women.

Bull: You take women too lightly my friend.

Spike: On the contrary, catch ya later.


  1. drmomentum 7 years ago

    DID YOU KNOW that Robin Williams is a fan of Cowboy Bebop? But his favorite anime is GitS.

    MINE IS ALSO GitS, outside of Miyazaki films. And I really should have asked him about Miyazaki in the AMA yesterday on Reddit, but didn’t think of it until late in the day. Boooo!

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  2. drmomentum 7 years ago

    Also, my favorite Cowboy Bebop mashup:

    Coincidence: this video showed me an ad for Robin Williams’ new show. THEY’RE LISTENING.

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