Watching: Disney’s Lonesome Ghosts

UPDATE: Linking on the video is disabled, so click through to Youtube to view.

In reference to my earlier post about Disney getting a backbone (no pun intended, well…maybe a little) with their creative content I remembered some of the early Disney shorts.  The one that probably sticks in my mind the most is Lonesome Ghosts above.  It is originally from 1937, but I probably saw it first in the seventies.  If Disney wants to produce things that last they need to follow that same spirit of physicality and being slightly subversive in their animation just like they were in 1937.  Good humor lasts as evidenced above.


Fun Fact: When I originally saw Lonesome Ghosts it was probably on one of these bad boys below, a Fisher-Price Movie Viewer, which I think used real film.  It had no sound though, so I had to make up the narrative until years later when I finally heard the audio.

1978 Fisher-Price Movie Viewer and Cartridges 2 1/4 page advertisements.