Watching: Friday the 13th (1980)



I tend to watch movies in chunks.  Typically if I am playing a video game or watching an older movie it means I am sacrificing sleep.  This is the burden I bear and I do it for you friends, so you will have a rich and colorful world to explore when you have time.

I’ll still maintain that this is a good film and that people don’t generally know much about it.  We all said we watched it in elementary school, but no one really did.

The BBC does this thing where they cast attractive but slightly odd looking people.  When movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween were casting I suspect the crew were hiring their friends and people close to them, it has the same effect as the way the BBC casts.  Interesting, real people that could potentially be your neighbor or friend.  The way Hollywood casts makes everyone look like a plastic L.A. type that frankly triggers an uncanny valley response in me.  I realize I sound like a first shaking ‘get off my lawn’ type on this one, but I’ll return again when Hollywood gets some guts.

PS: I think ‘Almost Human’ is cast really well, anchored on the slightly disconcerting but interesting Karl Urban.