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All by itself “All Monsters Attack” (Godzilla’s Revenge in the US) is a weird film even by Godzilla standards.  It is directly targeted towards children, so there is a good deal of comic relief and it is goofier than most other films, a huge contrast to the anti-American, anti-nuclear sentiment of the first film.

Taking place almost entirely in the protagonists imagination there is decent amount of kaiju action going on.  In the first few minutes a shaggy version of Godzilla with the late sixties trademark googly eyes fights some European football playing grasshoppers and then a giant chicken.  After a 100 ft fall down a sinkhole where he is lightly bruised he is pulled up by Manilla (named Minya in the US version) who for some reason is the same height as the child and talks a bit like Goofy.  There is a eccentric toymaker, some robbers and piles of weirdness including a groovy take on the original Godzilla theme.  The protagonist’s bully and an ogre share the name of Gabara which feels a lot like a poke at Gamera to me.

When the film crossed over to the US in 1971 two years after its Japanese release is when things started to get really odd.  All the Japanese cast is dubbed over by Americans and someone made the decision to have all the adults speak in stereotypical comedic (and offensive) Japanese accents.

The child plays in ruins throughout the film which makes me realize these are probably destroyed factories and buildings from the war, which makes this a little more melancholy than probably intended.  This was probably a reality for the children in cities at the time, so I doubt it struck any of the intended audience as anything but natural.

The sheer weirdness of it all, mixed with nostalgia from seeing it when I was six makes for an amusing time.  It isn’t a good movie by any means, but it is keeping me entertained.



  1. Geoff Smith 7 years ago

    Is that the one with Monster Island and the baby Godzilla?

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    1. Serious Play 7 years ago


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    2. Geoff Smith 7 years ago

      As weird as that film is, I always liked the idea of all the Kaiju hanging out on the same island together.

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