Watching: Hellraiser III


It’s late and I’m winding down watching Hellraiser III.  To be honest I really loathe this movie.  I thought the first two Hellraisers were decent and I actually revisit them once or twice a year.  The whole making Cenobites out of household appliances and electronics bit really turned me off of this.  All of the mythology and originality of the first two films is stripped away here in the name of expanding the audience for the franchise.

The sacrifice of the original story was not appreciated by anyone and the movie failed in its goals.  Instead we have not very witty one liners and gory versions of Power Ranger villains.

So, why am I watching this dreadful thing?  It has been a long time since I have seen it and I wanted to see if it was as terrible as I remembered.  Seems like the first 50% of the movie is moderately passable and we could have had a great movie, but without Barker’s direction all you have is the superficial aspects and none of the social or metaphysical background.

Some of the practical effects are good (except for the previously mentioned power ranger Cenobites) and I like that it touched on the idea of a Lemarchand Configuration building, which was explored more thoroughly in the comics.  My warning is to watch only if you are a completist or a true video masochist which apparently includes me.