Watching: Phenomena (1985)


Movie Posters of Yore

Look at that movie poster.  Don’t you wish that you would see these beautiful painted posters again instead of the giant floating head Photoshop posters we get now?  I’m not an ‘everything new is bad’ sort of guy but there are some luxuries of the past that I wish we had more of.

The Giallo

Dario Argento films in the Giallo genre are not for the faint of heart, but they have a special quality to them that is unique to Italian cinema. Phenomena is an especially odd film with some disjointed logic and a young girl who can telepathically communicate with insects.  It is Jennifer Connelly’s first film, has an excellent early score by Goblin and a wheelchair bound Donald Pleasence playing a Scotsman. Something for everyone.


Here is a long form possibly fan made trailer for the film. A bit melancholy, but I think it captures the mood of the film nicely.

Bonus Round

Phenomena inspired the 1995 Japanese point and click adventure game Clock Tower, even going so far as to copy Jennifer Connelly’s likeness plus scenes and plot lines directly from other Italian horror films.  Check it out below.