Watching: IT



Watching this again for the first time since it aired in 1990.  From what I remember IT was about fifty percent of a good movie.  I think some of the stars being well known hurt it as well as some of the monster visualizations.  Tim Curry is brilliant as always and I would have loved to see an entire feature film of him hamming it up as Pennywise.

After watching The Stand again and being sorely disappointed I am not expecting much, but hoping I will be mildly entertained.  Seeing an infant Seth Green is nifty and the practical effects on the Michael Landon style werewolf are definitely noteworthy.  Significantly better than the effects in ‘Silver Bullet’ which is an hour and twenty minutes of pure disappointment.

Not to delve too deeply into depressing matters, but was sad to hear that Jonathan Brandis committed suicide in 2003.  It is rare that a child actor can come out of the industry unscathed.  Kind of a weird metaphor for this movie.