Wii U Cuts Sales Forecasts: Nintendapocalypse!

DISCLAIMER: I own products from all of the big three console manufacturers and love them all in their own special way.


I promise that I am not going to start posting financials in the morning about video games, there are plenty of places to get that information and I don’t need to add to the din.

Headline is deliberately inflammatory.  To be clear here, I have always been a bit of an  apologist for the Wii U.  I am no where near as down beat as this depressing TechCrunch article and am more in line with the reporting from Kotaku.  The hardware while under powered is a joy to play with and it is often on in this household playing first party Nintendo games and the handful of third party games that are available like ZombiU, Lego City Undercover and the Wonderful 101.

The truth is that people don’t really understand the Wii U and it hasn’t been marketed effectively to parents.  In addition, their online capabilities are fairly atrocious and there doesn’t seem to be a forthcoming fix.  This is Nintendo’s fault and they seem to be a little lost over it.

If you remember the first year of the 3DS then you will recall some of the exact same depressing reporting surrounding that unit, but they have turned it around so that the Nintendo Handheld was the biggest selling video game hardware of this last holiday season.  Doing the same for the Wii U is a challenge of another magnitude, but not an impossible one.

In comparison the Xbox One, while selling a decent amount, doesn’t really do much or forward the console market in any meaningful manner.  I almost wish the ill will for Nintendo was directed at the ham handed way Microsoft designed their newest console.  Microsoft will figure it out eventually, but for now I consider the One to be a three legged race horse with poor motivation.

I hope that Nintendo doesn’t abandon the hardware market at this point, and I don’t actually expect them to.  There is a lot of strength here and there are some lessons to be learned  from the PS3 and their initial stumbling.  As with all the consoles it really comes down to the games available and at this point none of the new generation really has their act together yet.