Wolfenstein: The New Order – ‘Boom Boom’ Trailer


Fans of the Wolfenstein franchise have been waiting for a new trailer for some time.  If you are not a video game junkie Wolfenstein has a long and rich history as a franchise, starting with 1981s Castle Wolfenstein.


Jump forward a bit more than a decade later and we have Wolfenstein 3D, which was an early first person shooter and a great game.  Wolfenstein 3D contained a lot of the elements that make up a modern game, key cards, secret areas, swappable weapons,boss fights and as a bonus, robo Hitler.


Since then there have been several entries in the series of varying success.  Unfortunately 2009s Wolfenstein was kind of a boring mess with low sales and there was some danger that the franchise would be gone forever.

Fast forward to this week where we have a new trailer that highlights the first three chapters of the game.  The New Order takes place in an alternate 1960s where the Nazis have won World War II and all of history has changed.  The protagonist of most of the Wolfenstein games William “B.J.” Blazkowicz awakes to find a world that has gone wrong.  (read that last sentence in a movie announcer voice)

You can see the trailer at the link below.  The trailer is a fairly hard R for violence, otherwise I would be embedding it in this post.  The New Order will be released in North America on May 20th and as a bonus pre-orders will include a beta code for the upcoming Doom, which should also be interesting.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – ‘Boom Boom’ Trailer