Wonder Woman has been Cast in Man of Steel Sequel



For the first time Wonder Woman is appearing in a feature film.  An important moment for the representation of women in film.  The news is spreading that Gal Gadot has been cast in the role for Superman Vs Batman sequel to Man of Steel.  I am not familiar with her career and she may prove to be very capable, but ever since New Frontier I’ve set my standards pretty high for casting this role and I can’t help be disappointed even though the casting has gone exactly like I would expect.

In the minds of film producers Wonder Woman is in her twenties, thin, dark hair and that’s about it.  In my mind Wonder Woman is an ideal, her predominant feature is strength and resilience, her physical features don’t matter all that much as long as she is strong and charasmatic.  If I were to pick out physical features her frame would exude strength and no male would ever intimidate her. She would appear to be in her late thirties, approaching forty and her uniform would match her task, protective and utilitarian.

I know how much of a pipe dream this is right now, and in the back of my mind I was hoping they would take a bold move and set a new standard, but this casting seems to be a lazy default, probably more of a crime than casting Affleck in the Batman role. (I am caring less about that as time goes on) Alas, this is where we are and this is what we get, all I can hope for is that Gadot will do more than be Barbie in a black wig.

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